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Destruction of Form

July 24 – August 28

Destruction of Form, an exhibition & collaboration by Shari Wilkins and John W. Carlson which challenges our perceptions by altering the photographers’ original intent, opens at CPR on July 24.

The show isn’t just about vernacular — or found — photography. It’s not about new, fresh fine-art photography either. It is, however, about deconstructing one piece of art and creating another. 

The Destruction of Form collaborative effort — featuring CPR founder Shari Wilkins and American Emotionalist artist John W. Carlson — opens Friday, July 24, with a reception, FREE and open to the public, from 5 – 9pm. 

In Summer 2014, the two artists began their collaboration using vernacular photography as inspiration. Carlson violates the original photographers’ intent by altering the concepts of the images in his accompanying paintings and drawings, while Wilkins alters the surface of the photos’ original form and reconstructs the images.

“We’ve altered the original photograph’s premise,” said Carlson. “It may be presumptuous of me to know the purpose of the photo, but when the premise of the photo is destroyed it becomes an entirely new piece of art. A lot of this is about perception.”

The exhibition runs from July 24 through Aug. 28.

Opening Reception:

Friday, July 24, 5-9pm


Tuesday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday, 12-6pm  Wednesday, 3-6pm

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September 18 – October 24

Surroundings, an exhibition featuring the work of David Bergholz, Deborah Pinter, and Arnie Tunstall, will open September 18, 2015 with a reception at the Cleveland Print Room from 5 to 9pm.

Opening Reception:

Friday, September 18, 5-9pm


Tuesday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday, 12-6pm  Wednesday, 3-6pm

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