By An Means Necessary

By Any Means Necessary

Observatrions, Experiences, Perpetuations of Racism

Donald Black Jr – Gabriel Gonzalez – Teresa Martinez – Chris Mason

June 13 – July 26, 2014

In our first exhibition of the summer, the Cleveland Print Room hosts By Any Means Necessary: Observations, Experiences, Perpetuations of Racism. The show will feature the work of four photographers: Donald Black Jr., Gabriel Gonzalez, Teresa Martinez and Chris Mason.

Racism — \’rā-si-zəm\ — is defined as a “belief or doctrine that inherent differences exist among the various human races’ cultural or individual achievements.”

What does racism mean to you? The Cleveland Print Room is exploring a multitude of meanings on this uncomfortable topic with this show, the opening weekend of which will also feature an artist panel to discuss racism and all its dimensions.

“We hope the show will reflect how the dynamic nature of racial discourse leads to new ways of defining racism, as artists seek ways of presenting their everyday struggles involving racism as an evolving concept,” said Shari Wilkins, Cleveland Print Room’s founder and director.

Opening Reception:

Friday, June 13, 2014  5-9pm: FREE

Associated Events:

Artists Panel with photographers Donald Black Jr and Gabriel Gonzalez, moderated by John Miyazawa, Saturday, June 14, 1:00 pm.



Tuesday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday, 12-6pm 
Wednesday, 3-6pm


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